Donation Request For The Karen State Pa-O Literature and Culture Building Construction

An Appeal for Karen State Pa-O Literature and Culture Association's Office Building Construction:
Let's Contribute to Finish Constructing the Office Building!

The Pa-O Literature and Culture Association has been in existence for more than twenty years but there has never been a fixed office. Whenever an activity was launched there was no formal office building so that meetings or appointments had to be made in any appropriate place. However with increasing works and functions of the association, an office building has become necessary so as to carry out efficient work. Association's officials have talked about the matter for quite a long time but no building has actually risen out of the ground yet. Nevertheless, all members have vigorously strived to implement the dream, resolving to start it this year, and eventually acquiring land, blueprint and donors. As construction costs are so high, there still are many needs to get the plan take off.

If there is an office building, the association could become more cohesive and carry out organizing works more effectively. It could help with Pa-O people's social welfare, education, business, etc., in a unified way. It could open literature and culture classes every year. Later on, it could also open English language classes and IT classes as well as acquiring Internet access to link up with the whole world, thereby boosting the networks of Pa-O nationalities in future.

Sometimes there were a lot of difficulties for bright Pa-O students to continue higher education in cities because of lodging problems. If there is an office building it would also become a stepping stone for such Pa-O university students.

The benefits from completion of the office building would be enormous. It would be like furthering the existing association's status to a higher level. Hence we urge all patriotic and culture-loving Pa-O nationals to help and provide donations for the emergence of the office building as much as they can afford.

The association's deeds
At the moment the association is running with seven patrons, one chairperson, one vice-chairperson and ten executive members. They are not working always as an office now but would carry out real office work only after the office building is finished.

At the beginning of the association, its works were few but with time the association got bigger through people's involvement and cooperation, and its functions grew.

The main activities of the association are:

  • To hold the Pa-O National Day every year.
  • To increase organizing by basing on villages.
  •  To seek out bright but poor Pa-O youths who could not afford schooling, and help them continue their studies every year.
  • To carry out capacity building such as opening of IT training classes, English language classes and youth development classes in the new office building so as to advance to world levels in future.
  •  To open literature and culture classes every year.
  •  To cooperate with other regional organizations, NGOs and INGOs to work for development of rural education, economy and social welfare.
Currently the association's main focus is to finish the office building (three stories) quickly. Some works could not be done efficiently now because of lack of a proper office. (For instance, opening literature and culture classes) Therefore, when the office building comes into existence, it is very likely to improve present activities in addition to launching better programs in the future.

Donations are welcome for the office building with regard to the following needed items: 

  • One cement bag Kyat 5700 (freight charges included) 
  •  One sand pit Kyat 11,000 ( ditto ) 
  • One stone pit Kyat 21,000 ( ditto ) 
  • One hundred bricks Kyat 5000 ( ditto )
  • One ton of steel rod Kyat 67,000 ( ditto )
Contact phone numbers for donations
Ø Khun Win Naung - 058 21915
Ø Khun San Hein - 058 21930
Ø Khun Than Myint - 058 22609, 095661018
Ø Khun Than Tun - 058 21974
Ø Khun Mya Aung - 058 21357, 21091
Ø U Khun B Sein (Pension) the directorate of Religious in Yangon - 01 583 594
Ø Khun Myint Lwin (Governor) PaO Damayon in Yangon - 01 380 897
Ø Khun Than Line (Tha-Ma-Ngya) Myawaddy - 098 7211 94

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