World Youth Day in Taunggyi interrupted by Authority

World Youth Day ceremony
at the Pa-Oh National Day Stadium
Written by PYO | August 22, 2011

The World Youth Day in Taunggyi organized by young people from various youth groups in Shan State was interrogated by authority.

The event took place at the stadium of Pa-Oh National Day in outskirt of Taunggyi on 12th August 2011; a remarkable event to show the solidarity of youth in Burma.

Every group shared their purposes, cultures and literatures, environmental issues, and Hla Thaung, one of the organizers of the event, spoke about democratic system and the roles of youths” said one of the youth participants.

At 3:30 PM, Bureau of Special Investigation (Known as “Sa Thon Lone” in Burmese) came to checked on the event. And about an hour later, Special Police forces No.2 (SP2) from Taunggyi and some officers from Pa-Oh National Organization arrived and questioned the participants.

SP2 took pictures of  the aims and objectives of different youth groups posted on the walls. Some youth groups even gave copies of their organization’s aims and objectives. Some youth participants didn’t even care that the authority came, but some were afraid because they never had the experience like that before” said one of the Pa-Oh Youth participants.

There were about 50 participants from groups such as Eco Care, NLD Youth, Shan Youth, Pa-Oh Youth, Kayan Youth, Buddha Youth, Kanbawza Library Youth Groups, Aungban Library Youth Groups and Yangon Youth Cycle .

According to 2008 constitution

Chapter VIII Citizen, Fundamental Rights and Duties of the Citizens
Article 354. Every citizen shall be at liberty in the exercise of the following rights, if not contrary to the laws, enacted for Union security, prevalence of law and order community peace and tranquility or public order and morality;

  1. to freely express and publish their convictions and opinions;
  2. to assemble peacefully without arms and holding procession;
  3. to form associations and organizations;
  4. to develop their language, literature, culture they cherish, religion they profess, and customs without prejudice to the relations between one national race and another or among national races and to other faiths.

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