Rebel forces shoot, kill 12 Burmese soldiers

Published: 6/05/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

TAK : Two ethnic rebel groups opened fire on a Burmese military patrol near Wanyen village, in southern Shan State, killing 12 soldiers. A source with the Karen National Union said the Pa-O National Liberation Army had teamed up with troops from the Karenni National Progressive Party, a KNU ally, to attack Burmese soldiers at the village 90km south of Taunggyi.

The rebels surrounded the Burmese patrol before opening fire. Twelve Burmese soldiers, including a lieutenant colonel, were killed in a 20-minute clash, the source said.

The Pa-O and Karenni forces seized weapons and equipment from the government troops including eight rifles, a machine gun, a mortar, an RPG rocket launcher and three radios.

A source said Burmese military authorities were upset by the defeat and they had sent in reinforcements from five battalions to prepare for a counter-attack. Security sources predicted a major clash would take place soon.

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