Peace with Pa-Oh national group

Most of the Pa-Oh nationals live in Taunggyi, Hopong, Hsihseng, Bangyin, Mongpon, Maukmai, Pinlaung and Shwenyaung regions in Shan State. Pa-Oh has the second largest population in Shan State. They rebelled against Shan feudalists because of their suppression. In 1948, Pa-Oh youths went underground. 

Pa-Oh Unity Organization, Pa-Oh National Liberation Organization and Union Pa-Oh National Organization were formed. In 1973, out of Pa-Oh organizations, some were in favour of the leadership of the BCP and some were against the BCP. The group that did not accept the BCP was changed into Pa-Oh National Organization and made contact with DAB and NDF.

In January 1991, peace negotiators U San Aung and U Kyaw Thein met Chairman of Pa-Oh National Organization U Aung Kham Hti and held peace talks. On 25-2-91, delegates of the Tatmadaw and Pa-Oh National Organization met in Taunggyi. The organization withdrew from DAB and NDF and decided to make peace at the Pa-Oh National Conference held in HtiYee Village in Kyauktalone region on 26-3-91.

On 18-4-91, the Secretary-1 met the delegates led by U Aung Kham Hti. On 18-2-91 the organization was abolished from the list of unlawful organizations and the region was designated as Shan State (South) special region-5. The organization is carrying out the tasks for development of gem mining, agriculture and industry. The world's biggest jade weighing over 3,000 tons was discovered and it was handed over to the State. The headquarters is in Kyauktalone Village.

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